How do I report a problem or a request?

Please send me an email. Write to info[at]maildiary[dot]net. If you want to report a problem with your diary, please give me your diary-name.

How do I add a photo to my entry?

When you send an email to your mailDiary, just attach a picture to the email and it'll get saved with your entry. You can also add a picture on the website when you edit an entry. You can add as many pictures per entry as you want, and we support jpeg, gif, and png photos.

How do I edit or delete an entry?

Click on any entry in the monthly-view. You will see all entries for this day. Every entry has an edit-symbol in the upper-right. Clicking that button takes you to the edit page.

Are my entries private?

We're trying to keep mailDiary as similar to a real journal as possible, so there's no way to share your entries (no way to email them, no way to post them to Twitter, no way to post them to Facebook, etc.) if you do not want this. Your entries are never searchable by any search engines. Here's a link to our privacy policy: privacy policy

Can I write entries on the website?

You can write entries on the website for any date. Just enter the date you want to write an entry for.

Can I send entries via email for a different date than today?

The daily mail is just a reminder to write a new entry. It's like you write into a real book. The moment you write is the moment you think about the things you want to write down. But you can set the date to which the entry belongs.

> date=10/2/2014
> this is my entry

if you do so, the entry "this is my entry" will be inserted for the second october. try it once with a test-entry for yesterday. You can delete it afterwards.
you can use several spellings


or colon:


but it must appear in the first line alone and without spaces.

Can I reply to an email more than once?

Yes - each reply adds a new entry.

What diary-name should I use?

Whatever name you like. The following characters are allowed: a-z, 0-9, _ - .
No spaces or other characters due to the fact, that this name will be part of the mail address where you can send your entries to.

Can I change my loginname?

No you can't. Your loginname is also your diary-name. Once you choose one it can not be changed.

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